Exercise Sports Movement Clinics is a multidisciplinary clinic located in the heart of Toronto’s Forest Hill Village. Our services include Chiropractic/Functional Integrated Therapy, Integrated Movement Training, Registered Massage Therapy, and Naturopathic. Our team of practitioners have had the privilege of providing care to athletes as well as general public for close to a decade now. We have worked with Olympic athletes, NHL, MLB, PGA, ATP/WTA Players as well as Various Performing Artists. It is our commitment at ESM Clinics to Educate, Communicate, and Enhance your movement both in sport and in everyday life. We practice with an Integrated Team and will work together to get you back to your Optimal Health.


Dr. Erin Saltzman
Dr. Erin SaltzmanChiropractor & Clinic Director
Dr. Saltzman is both the Lead Chiropractor and Clinic Director at ESM Clinics.

Trained utilizing the Functional Integrated Therapy (F.I.T) approach, Dr. Saltzman is able to help mainstream patients and athletes of all levels to optimize function, improve performance and promote quality of life. With Dr. Saltzman’s treatments, movement dysfunctions and joint restrictions are resolved using this advanced assessment and treatment approach. This approach encompasses the following modalities during treatment sessions to help propel injury recovery time and performance enhancement:
* Active Release Technique (A.R.T®), Graston® Technique, and Fascial Abrasions Technique (F.A.T®) for the breakdown of scar tissue & adhesions. This scar tissue can be found in various places such as  muscles, around nerves, and the musculotendinous junctions
* Acupuncture, Medical electro-acupuncture, & Dry Needling to help regulate the nervous system, increase blood circulation and decrease pain
* Joint Manipulation/Mobilization techniques to help normalize proper joint mechanics
* Shockwave therapy as a non invasive treatment which promotes and accelerates the healing and recovery of injured tissue
* Kinesio-taping using Spidertech®, KT® tape, & Performance tape to correct muscle function and improve neuromuscular control
* Functional Rehabilitation Programs to correct biomechanical motor patterns, facilitate performance enhancement and injury prevention.
Dr. Kyle McCasey
Dr. Kyle McCaseyChiropractor
Dr. Kyle McCasey is an evidence-based chiropractor practicing Functional Integrated Therapy

Dr. Kyle McCasey graduated from Queen’s University in 2011, where she concurrently completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Health studies and Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. She continued her education and earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), where she graduated summa cum laude in 2016. While attending CMCC, she received her certificates in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University, Active Release Therapy (ART), and Foundations in Functional Assessment.
Guided by a thorough assessment, Dr. McCasey uses a variety of techniques including: joint mobilization/manipulation, acupuncture, ART and other soft tissue therapy, taping and individualized exercise prescription to improve function, promote healing, prevent injury and help her patients achieve their health and/or performance goals.
Dr. McCasey has been involved in competitive sports her whole life. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she competed as a member of the Queen’s University Women’s Rowing Team (2010 Ontario University Athletics Champions), and swam competitively for eleven years and currently maintains an active lifestyle. She currently serves on the training staff for the St. Michael’s Buzzers Jr. A hockey team. Dr. McCasey is with us Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Dr. Dominique Harmath
Dr. Dominique HarmathChiropractor
Dr. Harmath is an evidence-based chiropractor and a Sports Sciences Resident with the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences Canada (RCCSSC)

The RCCSCC is the most extensive sport specialty training program in the chiropractic profession. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and is currently pursuing the two-year residency program to become a Sports Specialist chiropractor. Dr. Harmath has received international awards for her research and work in the field. Her passion lies with helping people move better to enhance their quality of life and achieve their sports performance goals. Her approach to care is individualized and she is trained in active release therapy (ART), soft tissue treatment, medical acupuncture, adjustment and joint mobilization, soft tissue tools, rehabilitation, and exercise prescription.
As a former professional tennis player, four-time Canadian Junior National Champion and top 50 Division I NCAA player for Rice University in Houston, Dr. Harmath holds a special interest in biomechanical movement and injury prevention strategies in tennis. She has worked with various sports events including International Tennis Federation tournaments, The Toronto Triathlon, The Taekwondo Championships and several other sporting events.
Isaac Olajos
Isaac OlajosIntegrated Movement Training Director & Performance Massage Therapist
Isaac is a Registered Kinesiologist & Massage Therapist, and the Director for Integrated Movement Training (IMTr)

Using his extensive experience in biomechanics, advanced exercise prescription, neuroanatomy, soft tissue therapies and strength coaching, Isaac assists healthcare professionals who treat injury, pain and dysfunction by designing highly specialized exercise protocols tailored to meet the needs of each patient. He focuses on optimizing movement quality and movement patterns as the foundation for return from injury, and the necessary bridge from manual therapy to successful strength training. As a key part of this bridging function, Isaac communicates and coordinates with various healthcare specialists to expedite recovery and ensure long-term, stable outcomes.
Isaac has worked as a consultant and practitioner with athletes from the collegiate level to Olympic Gold medalists, as well as musicians and celebrities. Isaac is trained in a number of modalities including: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Functional Integrated Acupuncture, Soft Tissue Release Techniques, Synergy Performance Taping, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Wim Hoff Method, and Advanced movement specific Exercise Progressions from Motus Melior in Eastern Europe.

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