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Project Description

Chiropractic/Functional Integrated Therapy

ESM Chiropractors are all trained in Functional Integrated Therapy (F.I.T). Our Chiropractors are able to help mainstream patients and athletes of all levels to optimize function, improve performance and promote quality of life. With our treatments, movement dysfunctions and joint restrictions are resolved using this advanced assessment. This approach encompasses the following modalities during treatment sessions to help propel injury recovery time and performance enhancement:

  • Active Release Technique (A.R.T®), Graston® Technique, and Fascial Abrasions Technique (F.A.T®) for the breakdown of scar tissue & adhesions. This scar tissue can be found in various places such as  muscles, around nerves, and the musculotendinous junctions
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM®) Acupuncture, Medical electro-acupuncture, & Dry Needling to help regulate the nervous system, increase blood circulation and decrease pain
  • Joint Manipulation/Mobilization techniques to help normalize proper joint mechanics
  • Shockwave Therapy as a non invasive treatment which promotes and accelerates the healing and recovery of injured tissue
  • Kinesio-taping using Spidertech®, KT® tape, & Performance Tape to correct muscle function and improve neuromuscular control
  • Functional Rehabilitation Programs to correct biomechanical motor patterns, facilitate performance enhancement and injury prevention
With close to a decade of experience working in sports and rehabilitation, ESM Chiropractors put a great emphasis on continuing education and constantly seek out the best methodologies and techniques to get our patients results.