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Project Description

Integrated Movement Training

What Do We Do?

Integrated Movement Training practitioners are focussed one aspect: Restoring movement quality. The primary cause of injury and pain is poor quality of movement. IMTr Practitioners specialize in:

  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Injury Recovery
  • Performance Optimization
  • Injury Prevention
  • Advanced Concussion Recovery
  • Athletic and Healthcare Provider Coordination

IMTr Practitioners assess Dynamic Movement Quality and develop a personalized, specific exercise protocol to restore your body to optimal functioning.

Why are We Different?

Integrated Movement Training Practitioners are different from your Physical Therapist or Strength Trainer for a number of reasons. The main difference is that IMTr Professionals integrate a wide range of exercise modalities aimed at restoring movement quality into one program. We focus on providing lasting results and getting you back to doing what you love as quickly and effectively as possible.

Apart from this, all IMTr professionals will spend the time ensuring the detail necessary to preform the exercises is well learned by clients instead of simply handing out a list of exercises. IMTr Practitioners are trained and up to date in the most current and effective soft tissue, recovery, and strength training modalities that your other providers use every day to better communicate and coordinate the most effective care possible, saving you time and money as you recover.

What Do You Get?

A consultation involves a detailed assessment of movement patterns and the development of a personalized, progressive exercise program designed to retrain and normalize faulty movement patterns. This is generally coupled with alternate provider recommendations to enhance and expedite recovery, home exercises given through take home videos, and followup appointments to safely and quickly progress a client towards optimal function and living a pain free lifestyle.